Sunday, January 29, 2012

About 1E Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Reprint

Update Jan 31: It looks like the seminar video was taken down.
Update Feb 03: I found ObsidianPortals updated version of the same video and have replaced the old link to the new one below.

Over at vimeo, there is a video of the seminar concerning future products that Wizards of the Coast will be releasing.  The first three minutes talk about the re-release of Gary Gygax's first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

00:00 - nothing in 2012 for 5E
01:05 - reprint of 1E rulebooks.
03:10 - it goes into 4E Underdark and fortune cards.
05:45 - it goes into 4E Menzoberrozen and more fortune cards.
08:05 - it goes into a product that details Ed Greenwood's campaign that he actually plays in Forgotten Realms before the cataclysm.
11:00 - it goes into new board games they are coming out with.  The first one is Lords of Waterdeep.
12:30 - goes into Dungeon Command, a head to head tactical combat board game.  It is diceless with miniatures.
15:00 - it wraps up and opens things up to questions from the audience.
17:00 - question and reply about products related to Fey.
18:00 - more about parts for Dungeon Command.
19:00 - Dungeon Command will retail for $40
19:30 - will they continue cardboard tokens for products?
21:00 - any products concerning Ravenloft
26:10 - what about all the other products? 2nd edition, Basic, etc..

"This is not the final look, there will still be a little bit of tinkering, and the ... you see along the bottom there, that's just going to be a band, a cardboard belly band, I guess that's what they call them.  That can be removed after purchase."  --Mike Mearls
If we compare the three covers to the originals, you can clearly see they are paying homage to the original player's handbook and dungeon master's guide.  But what is that image on the monster manual?  A user commented that it is the red dragon from the cover of the Monster Manual (of course!).


  1. The red dragon from the original

    1. Makes sense. And now that you said it, I can make it out on the blurry image. Originally, I kept seeing a one eyed ogre carrying a spear over his head!

  2. Here is a clue ADVANCED better be on the cover or you wont sell 10% of your print run.