Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Glacial Rift Player Map Handout

After modeling the underlying caverns of the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl, I spent a little more time to add cliffs and layers covering up the tunnels to get a bird's eye view. This version of the map is handy for handing out to the players.

It matches the modules back cover nicely, except for the depths are much greater. If the picture is a more accurate depiction of how the rift is suppose to look, then a few adjustments could be made.

One solution would be to merely reduce the heights listed in the module. Instead of 300' from top to bottom, the height could be reduced to 100'. This solution might take away some of the grandeur of the rift, as climbing down the cliff walls will not be as daunting. Another solution would be to increased the width of the rift and every square of the map. Instead of 10 feet per square, increasing it to 10 yards per square. This makes the cavern complex mighty indeed.

Or, it can all be left the way it is. I think it would be more interesting to emphasize that the standard way in is dangerous. Perhaps guarded by giants. And that the players should be encouraged to use rope to climb down to one of the many ledges. With that purpose in mind, here is a map of the view from the other side of the rift.


  1. I live in Alaska. I have been on glaciers. This view is TERRIFYING. I have done G2 twice as a player and we were always weirded out by the glacial aspect, but this just adds more weight to it. If I had this in hand as a player we would not have just marched into that crack.

    Thanks for the great images!

    1. Great reply. This is why I love the Internet, you can get the view of someone from Alaska without leaving the warm comfort of the living room. I think the cold of the north would kill me.

      I have never run any of the G series or played in them, which I regret. Hopefully, after I get some maps done for the other giant lairs, I can rectify that and run a game.

  2. I'm so happy to have found this! Awesome job!