Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GURPS Classics PDFs

Following up on yesterday's post about WotC ressurecting the old Dungeons and Dragons PDFs, I am reminded that Steve Jackson Games has an online digital store where you can buy old versions of GURPS material. And SJ Games has not waffled on taking down its collection! (and then bringing them back four years later to much fanfare).

The name of the store is e23 and it sells more than just games that were made under the Steve Jackson Games umbrella. The site is a bit spartan in its appearance, and some of the functionality feels as though it was written by Spock from the Enterprise, but there are a large variety of goods that can be found by using the search feature.

And following yesterday's format, I want to first mention a couple of FREE items you can get from the site. The lite version of the rules and a free adventure. Everything you need to learn and play GURPS.

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition)
Caravan to Ein Arris (GURPS Fourth Edition)

GURPS Classic: Cyberpunk
It has been said that any book that writes about the future is really more a reflection of the time it was written. Cyberpunk was originally published in the 80s and provides guidelines on how to setup a computerized, dystopian future with jackers and mega corps.

And who could forget that this was the book that was seized by the US Secret Service!

Steve Jackson Games vs. United States Secret Service

GURPS Classic: Old West
Before mixing the Old West with other genres became popular (Deadlands) this source book included everything you need to run a campaign in the American frontier, and had options for including Indian magic, martial arts kung fu, and horror themes. But the real strength of this source book is in the wealth of material covering the history of the Old West from 1865 to 1885, providing adventure hooks every step of the way.

GURPS Classic: Vikings (Second Edition)
Yesterday, I mentioned how great the HR series of 2E AD&D supplements are. And I specifically picked out the first in the series (HR1 Viking Campaign Sourcebook) as an example of how to do a historical reference. Well, TSR probably stole the entire idea from GURPS. The classic Vikings came out long before and is written by the esteemed Graeme Davis of Warhammer fame.

GURPS Classic: Atlantis
I have often wondered why the mythical realm of Atlantis is not used more in campaigns. This sourcebook is fantastic. It covers the various theories on the source of the Atlantis myth and then branches out into how to work up a campaign utilizing the lost civilization. And it is not limited to pre-medieval fantasy. Modern day cults, space alien invasions, the Bermuda triangle-- there is no end to the different ways Atlantis can be incorporated into any setting.

[UPDATE 2013-10-09: See Graeme Davis' response below for correct details about when GURPS Vikings and HR1 Viking Campaign Source Book were released]


  1. Thanks for the kind words about GURPS Vikings. Actually the AD&D Vikings book was first, but not by very much. I know because it was shortly after finishing GURPS Vikings that I wrote the AD&D Celts sourcebook, which was no. 3 in the series that began with their Vikings book.

    1. Graeme, you did some fabulous work. It is a shame that there isn't much money in the RPG industry. I would love to have seen products made by you, coming out every year for the market.
      Thank you for stopping by, and commenting.